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Missed Fortune – An 8% Return Over the Last Two Years

Posted on | August 30, 2009

Did you miss this week’s show? Doug Andrew interviewed guest Devin Larkins:

What is the difference between what a traditional financial planner espouses and what you prescribe for your clients?

The traditional way believes in the markets, securities, and in things that are going to go up and down.  What I believe is that we need a guarantee on our money.

We live in a post 9/11 and a post-financial collapse world, where if we don’t have a guarantee we can wake up and lose half our money.  If you want to sleep well at night you have to have a guarantee.

Why has the traditional investor not been successful during the last decade?

The traditional investor is a product picker and wants to time the market.  That is what I experienced as a professional.

People would call when the Dow was at an all time high and want to buy, and when the Dow was at an all time low they wanted to sell.  They almost always got it wrong.

We want to get clients out of this emotional cycle and go with something that is a strategy, meaning it will work when the market is high and when the market is low.  We have a proven strategy that has worked this last decade!

What is the economy really telling us right now?

There are a lot of real positive signs right now that point to stability and to recovery.  Sometimes we believe that the real economy has to be totally solid before we do anything financially.

But the good news is we can actually put our money in the market and have a guarantee and participate in the upside.

We don’t want to do it the traditional way where we can lose all our money.   We want to do it in a safe way, where we can participate in the growth but at the same time keep our principal safe.

How have your clients fared during the last two years?

This is the good news.  In 2008 our clients didn’t lose any money!  We had the guarantees.

In 2009 our clients are getting 15% or 16% in many cases.  Over a two year period that is 8% a year.  Who else can say that in the last two years?

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*Life insurance policies are not investments and, accordingly, should not be purchased as an investment

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