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Missed Fortune – Big Government Will Further Depress the Economy

Posted on | July 4, 2010

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Don’t Be Fooled by Government Misdirection

Currently the government is trying to use the oil spill crisis as an excuse to push through a cap-and-trade program that would ultimately hurt American taxpayers.

This would only negatively affect the economy and raise energy prices for businesses and families. Cap-and-trade basically constitutes an enormous hidden tax that would be forced upon Americans and would cause a higher rate of joblessness and make a bad economic situation worse.

Our leaders should be focusing on solving problems today, stopping the oil spill, strengthening our economy and creating an environment where job creators can thrive.

Instead, politicians have chosen to focus on growing government — whether through cap-and-trade, costly stimulus bills, auto company bailouts, job-killing legislation, or a health-care law that imposes higher taxes.

The Federal Reserve, who promoted the housing mania, and Treasury Department, who bailed out willy-nilly institutions without any consistent rules, is being granted more powers to try to boost our economy.

Larry Kudlow, author of Kudlow’s Money Politics states:

“Stop the crazy spending and borrowing and stocks will start to rise again while economies push up recovery speed. In the United States and around the world stocks have fallen about 11 percent this spring. It’s a signal of lost confidence. Out of control deficit spending has swept the world toward the leftist vision of big government. We need a return to free enterprise incentives in order to speed up recovery.”

In short, leaders should be focused on cutting spending and borrowing to hold down tax rates and try to restore confidence in private enterprise.

Who Will Make Money on Your Investments?

The government is not and will not be pushing its efforts towards the private sector any time soon.

Instead of sitting idly by waiting to see what will happen, investors should seriously think about taking some of their investments “off of the table.”

Taxes are going to rise January 1, 2011 and investors can expect a 5 percent increase in the capital gains tax. The health care bill has already shown Americans two new surprising tax increases.

In her article “How the New Wealth Taxes Will Hit You,” Laura Saunders writes:

“The health-care bill that Congress passed in March contained two surprising new taxes to help pay for the changes: an extra 0.9% levy on wages for couples earning more than $250,000 ($200,000 for singles) and a new 3.8% tax on investment income on those same people (technically, people with ‘adjusted gross incomes’ above those amounts).

“Each tax signals a radical change in policy. For workers, the extra 0.9% levy puts a progressive element in what used to be a totally flat tax. The 3.8% tax on investment income also knocks down a longstanding wall by applying a ‘payroll’ tax to unearned income. Until now, FICA taxes for Social Security and Medicare have applied only to wages, not investment income.”

With the increase in taxes coming and Obama’s continued push to grow big government, future stocks values will be damaged. Any strong week in the market should be viewed as a great time to sell.

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*Life insurance policies are not investments and, accordingly, should not be purchased as an investment

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