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Missed Fortune – Why Sometimes Traditional Just Won’t Cut It

Some Investments Are Risky By Nature Confusion is very common among a lot of us today. Many people are feeling isolated and concerned about what the future holds. This is especially true with the Baby Boomer generation that has seen its financial well-being shaken twice in the past decade with market volatility. Even younger generations […]

Missed Fortune – Creating a Heritage of Abundance

Abundance Can Last for Generations The abundant life has never been solely about money. It also includes setting personal goals, achieving them, and successfully reaching the future we’ve planned and worked for.  It can also include leaving a heritage to our descendants that imparts to them the lessons they’ll need in order to live abundant […]

Missed Fortune – Helping Future Generations Live Successfully

Creating a Family Tradition It’s one thing to set goals, to achieve them, and to successfully reach the brighter future we’ve planned and worked towards. But once we’re there, what comes next?  How about leaving a legacy that allows us to transfer to our descendants, not just physical wealth, but also the lessons they’ll need […]

Missed Fortune – What the Boomers Need To Hear Most

A Warning To the Boomers There are about 78 million Baby Boomers in America. This group includes everyone born between 1946 and 1964. When Doug’s book “Last Chance Millionaire” was released in 2007, the average Baby Boomer only had around $55,000 saved for retirement. Most of them also had some assets, but too many persist […]

Missed Fortune – Nothing Stands In Your Way

An Obstacle-Free Path to the Future Because of the unique place where we are in American history, there are a number of financial obstacles that could potentially prevent us from attaining the bright future we’ve dreamed of. These obstacles include higher taxes, rising inflation, and continuing economic uncertainty and market volatility. Once we understand what […]

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