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Missed Fortune – Companies are Born, Rise, Fall, and Die

Posted on | July 26, 2009

Companies are born, rise, fall, and die.

Everything that the pundits on the left are pushing for is opposed to the dynamic way that America has worked for more than 23 decades.    Without failure the culture of risk fades.  Without risk creativity withers.  The more government meddles in our affairs,the more everything will get fouled up.

What are the seven qualities that Americans have enjoyed that my friend Dan Sullivan calls The American Center? 1) Individualism 2) Ingenuity 3) Being Exceptional 4)  Growth 5) Transformation 6) Winning 7) Transcendence

Why do Financial Advisors not want you to move your money? Did you know that most financial professionals only get compensated when your money is being managed by them.    When you transfer money to safer places, they lose their compensation.  That’s why they tell you to stay the course.

You need to get your money repositioned. One way to make this happen is through a strategic roll out. It could take you 10 years at 7% to make back and recoup what you lost in the market.  If that really does happen, would you rather have that come back in a taxable or a tax free environment.  To do this in a tax free environment, strategically roll that money out and put it into something that is tax free from today forward.

You do this in three steps 1) Transfer out the money and pay the taxes 2) Reposition the money in vehicles that are tax-free going forward and 3) Offset some or all of the income taxes incurred through new deductions or strategies.

Three choices for your money: 1) Fixed Rate Instruments – Your money is put into relatively conservative financial instruments that generally have lower rates of return. 2) Variable Products – These are products that allow you to have great returns of 20-30% during the good years but during economic hard times you can also lose 30% or more. 3) Indexed Products (the middle ground) – This type of financial product gives you returns that are greater than the rate of inflation during good years but keeps your money safe so you don’t lose a dime when the market goes down.

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*Life insurance policies are not investments and, accordingly, should not be purchased as an investment

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