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Missed Fortune – What You Should Know About the Next Decade

Posted on | June 19, 2011

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The Next 10 Years Should Be Interesting

Where market uncertainty was a hallmark of the Lost Decade, the next 10 years have potential to be much more interesting.

Most Americans who lost money in their IRAs and 401(k)s over the past few years are just now starting to get back to where they were 10 years ago.

Now we’re facing a triple whammy of higher taxes, inflation and market volatility that could prove very challenging for those who fail to position their money properly.

People who’ve learned the Missed Fortune strategies and followed them, have predictably been able to double or nearly triple what they had 10 years ago. Not only did they do it during the biggest downturn since the Great Depression, they’ve done it tax free.

This is important because with the Bush tax cuts expiring in 2012 and the prospect of more tax hikes on the way, you’ll need all the tax protection you can get.

Government spending continues at a breakneck pace and Congress is looking to raise taxes to meet their funding needs. Taxes are going up. Count on it.

In addition to raising taxes, the printing of money to cover the payment of government obligations is setting the stage for increased inflation.

Social Security has a $63 trillion dollar deficit owing that it has promised to pay out to recipients in future benefits.

It’s time you knew what you don’t know about keeping your fortune from slipping through your fingers.

31 FLAVORS of How People Miss Out on Fortunes

FLAVORS is an acronym that stands for Fortunes Lost Amid Valid Optimization & Reallocation Strategies.

These are rules and strategies that even seasoned tax attorneys and accountants don’t know until they’re shown.

People miss out on fortunes because they choose short term investments for long range goals to fund their retirement.

They put their money into what are termed “crawl investments” that offer too low a rate of return compared to the rate of inflation. They miss out on money that could be made by linking their returns to those thing that inflate.

Some put money into “walking investments” where they place their money in retirement vehicles that are tax deferred rather than tax free. This means that they pay through the nose in taxes when they start to withdraw funds from their IRAs & 401(k)s.

If you understand how money works you can put the equity in your real estate to work to accumulate, over a 30 year period, a huge windfall for your retirement.

By empowering your wealth, you learn how money works, you employ a system of accountability and responsibility and you learn better ways to grow your money tax free.

Learn how to time the markets, how to do a strategic roll-out that protects your principal with a predictable rate of return that accumulates tax free. You can learn the power of compound interest and so much much more in the Missed Fortune strategies.

It won’t just benefit you, this knowledge will also bless your family when your fortune transfers to them when you’re gone.

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*Life insurance policies are not investments and, accordingly, should not be purchased as an investment

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