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Missed Fortune – Earned Success is the Only Permanent Road to Personal Happiness

Posted on | March 14, 2010

Earn Your Happiness

In a recent article entitled “The Left Doesn’t Want You to Be Happy,” Certified Financial Planner David Bahnsen shares a truth that should be obvious:

“…sociological and psychological studies have repeatedly affirmed this rather fascinating tenet: People with money who did not earn it are overwhelmingly more likely to say that they are unhappy than people who earned it. Obviously, regardless of the source of one’s prosperity, happiness can not be bought.”

Not only does this make common sense, but it’s scientifically proven. Earned success is the only permanent road to personal happiness.

What’s more, dependence leads to unhappiness.

Unfortunately, however, we’re bombarded with political voices who cry for more and more wealth distribution. Since the New Deal, we’ve pursued a steady path of taking from people who produce and create value to support those who do not.

This is both morally wrong and it leads to further unhappiness in society.

If we want a morally stable and happy society, the answer isn’t to redistribute wealth. Rather, the answer is to provide equal opportunity.

Let people become skillful and earn their own way. Let people fail and try again and learn from their failures.

In short, let people pursue happiness, rather than trying to guarantee it to them by giving them unearned material goods.

As David Bahnsen says:

“The materialists in our society are not believers in free enterprise who are focused on ‘earned success’; the materialists are the leftists who dare to suggest that the mere redistribution of money is going to make people happy.

“That…is base materialism. It is shallow. It is dangerous. And it is destructive. A worldview that pursues earned success is empirically proven to provide true happiness, for only that worldview respects human dignity.”

Protect Your Success & Happiness

Missed Fortune clients are producers. They work hard to build financial security. They’re self-reliant and responsible.

Unfortunately, many of them simply have blind spots when it comes to growing and protecting their wealth.

It doesn’t make sense to work hard for your retirement, only to lose your accounts to taxation, inflation, and market volatility.

Protect what you’ve earned. Meet with a Missed Fortune advisor to learn how you can do the following with your investments and retirement accounts:

  1. Create greater liquidity.
  2. Guarantee safety of principal.
  3. Participate in market upswings while protecting your money from market downturns.
  4. Outpace inflation.
  5. Limit taxation.

You’ve earned your success — now protect it from government bureaucrats, market forces beyond your control, and unforeseen events.

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*Life insurance policies are not investments and, accordingly, should not be purchased as an investment

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