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Missed Fortune – The Election Cycle & Economic Uncertainty

Posted on | October 28, 2012

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Economic Issues Dominate This Election Cycle

One thing that has made for a high-profile presidential campaign is the role that economics is playing in this year’s election.

One thing is for certain; whoever wins the presidency is going to have to deal with some serious economic challenges. In the past 6 years, our national debt has soared from $9.2 trillion to over $16 trillion. If our leaders choose to follow the same economic policies throughout the next four years, it’s entirely possible that this figure could rise to well over $20 trillion.

This would put the personal costs at over $200,000 if that debt were to be divided up equally among individual taxpayers.

Remember, this doesn’t even include the unfunded liabilities like Social Security and Medicare benefits that will have to be paid out in the years ahead. With those numbers added in, the total could more than quadruple.

The economic uncertainty is having a ripple effect on things like unemployment and contributes to continuing market volatility. Things feel riskier than usual.

Simply moving forward isn’t enough to solve these problems. The game plan has to change.

A good example of how shifting tactics can work was seen last year when the states of Illinois and Wisconsin were both dealing with stagnant economies. Illinois officials chose to raise taxes and to hire additional regulators and they saw an exodus of business leaders flee the state for more favorable conditions. Unemployment continued to rise and their economy continued to sputter.

On the other hand, Wisconsin’s state leaders lowered taxes and the costs of regulation and saw an explosion of growth in jobs and new business as a result. By changing their approach, they got the results they wanted.

This is a great lesson for all of us on many different levels. If we simply keep moving forward with the crowd, we’ll keep getting what we’ve been getting. If we wish to get better results, we’ve got to make some changes.

Using Indexing to Your Advantage

One of the sure signs that it’s an election year is that politicians have been doing everything in their power to maintain the illusion that the economy is healthier than it appears. They’ve been artificially keeping inflation down in order to mask the effects of the mass printing of money that’s been taking place. They’ve also persuaded certain companies and government agencies to avoid lay-offs of personnel until after the election has taken place.

Because of this, it is extremely important that you protect your serious money from the economic uncertainty.

One way to do this is to link your returns to an index without putting your money at actual risk in the market. If the market declines after the election, your money will be safe and you won’t lose a dime. If the market responds favorably following the election and experiences growth, you will enjoy the benefits of that growth up to a certain percentage.

This is why the indexing strategy is such a powerful tool for those who wish to protect their money from continuing market volatility without sacrificing the ability to benefit from any market upsides.

Depending upon the index chosen, people who’ve been using an indexing strategy for the past year have enjoyed rates of return between18.75% to 9.95%. And the best part of all is that this growth was all tax-free growth.

Even those folks who hunkered down and opted for the most conservative fixed amount saw a return of 5.35% tax-free. That beats the pants off sticking your money into a bank account for a paltry 1% during that same time period.

These are real numbers achieved by real people over the past year. Their money grew safely and predictably in a tax-free environment. This eliminated much of the uncertainty that continues to frustrate so many Americans.

By learning and applying the Missed Fortune strategies, they took charge of their future and are well positioned regardless of who wins this year’s election.

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*Life insurance policies are not investments and, accordingly, should not be purchased as an investment

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