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Missed Fortune – Escape a Bloated Government & Herd Mentality to Thrive Economically

Posted on | January 31, 2010

Escape the Slow & Bureaucratic Leviathan

Government today is like a huge beast whose brain is dead but whose body keeps growing.

To feed this bloated beast and keep it on life support, more money and resources must be continually seized from the private sector, where all new wealth is created.

The new technology-based economy is incredibly fast and adaptable, and the 20th Century institution of government simply can’t keep up.

If ObamaCare comes to pass, it will be extraordinarily too big and too slow.

So what should you be doing? How can you escape Leviathan? You must create your own economic stimulus plan. Save yourself because big government can’t.

One Legitimate Solution: A National Flat Tax

Americans collectively spend 7.6 billion hours per year filling out IRS tax forms. That represents 3.8 million full-time employees complying with the tax code.

What would happen to our nation’s productivity if each citizen could complete his or her tax return in one hour?

We could accomplish this by exchanging our complicated tax system for a national flat tax.

Not only would this be more convenient, but it would also encourage investing and stimulate the economy.

Our current tax system and retirement options penalize investors for being smart and saving through the years. Those who save in the government-sponsored programs get hit with monstrous taxes upon retirement.

Break Free from the Herd

95% of Americans are saving in IRAs and 401(k)s. And guess what — it’s not working for them!

Don’t follow the herd and don’t listen to mainstream media. Rather, find out why Missed Fortune clients haven’t lost a dime in this horrible economy and how they’re getting tax-free growth, tax-free withdrawal, and tax-free transfer to their heirs upon death.

Get started now with your own economic stimulus plan.

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*Life insurance policies are not investments and, accordingly, should not be purchased as an investment

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