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Missed Fortune – The Global Warming Hoax: Beware Political & Corporate Bandits

Posted on | October 11, 2009

The Global Warming Hoax

In the Dark Ages the Church oppressed the people and made millions through the sale of indulgences. Church members were said to be forgiven of their sins if they bought indulgences from the church.

Global warming today isn’t that far off from this despicable scheme. The players have changed, but the idea remains the same. Although science has proven global warming to be unfounded, politicians, bureaucrats, and corporates continue pushing it on us.

Why? Because they have financial incentives for doing so. These people don’t understand how to earn an honest dollar by creating new value for consumers, so they use the force of public policy to line their own pockets.

Any time you hear a corporate CEO talk about saving the planet, you should strongly consider shorting or selling that stock. They’re using global warming as an excuse to prop up their businesses.

3 Miracles of Wealth Accumulation

In an era of economic decline, increased taxation, and skyrocketing inflation, it’s critical that you strategically position your assets as safely and wisely as possible. Specifically, you must take advantage of these three miracles:

  1. Compounding interest.
  2. Tax-favored accumulation that keeps your principal safe.
  3. Safe, positive leverage.

Do you know which products and vehicles give you all three advantages? Are you using them?

To illustrate the power of compounding interest, consider this: Take a regular sheet of paper. Fold it in half. Fold it in half again. Continue folding it another 48 times, for a total of 50 folds.

After 50 folds, how thick would the stack of folded paper be? A foot? 10 feet? 1 mile?

Try 93 million miles — from the earth to the sun.

How does this happen? You’re doubling the stack with every fold. It’s the miracle of compounding interest. After being folded 24 times, the stack is just 1 mile high. At the 51st fold, the stack reaches from the earth to the sun, then halfway back to the earth.

Are you harnessing the power of compounding interest in your finances?

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*Life insurance policies are not investments and, accordingly, should not be purchased as an investment

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One Response to “Missed Fortune – The Global Warming Hoax: Beware Political & Corporate Bandits”

  1. Lance Miller
    October 12th, 2009 @ 2:56 pm


    You’ve been looking at difference science than I when you say “Although science has proven global warming to be unfounded.”

    Would you mind passing on what your sources are for this statement?

    (I remember when “science” told us in the 70s that we were going into another ice age … as you are saying now.)

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