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Missed Fortune – Health Care Reform: Elitism Masked as “Caring”

Posted on | December 20, 2009

The Elitism of Health Care Reform

On July 22nd, 2009, James Lewis published an article in American Thinker entitled “Does Ted Kennedy Deserve His Extended Cancer Care?”

Prior to his death caused by brain cancer, Mr. Kennedy stated that nationalized health care was “the cause of his life.”

According to the article, the question that none of the health care reformers have been asking is this: “Is Senator Kennedy’s life valuable enough to dedicate millions of dollars to extending it another month, another day, another year?”

The article continues:

“The socialist question…must be whether extending Senator Kennedy’s life by another day, another month or year is socially valuable enough to pay for what is no doubt a gigantic and growing medical bill. Kennedy is a US Senator, and all that money has been coughed up without complaint by the US taxpayer. Kennedy is already entitled to Federal health care, and it is no doubt the best available to anyone in the world…

“…There’s only so much money available…Who deserves to live, and who to die? But nobody debates any more about who has the power to make that decision. In socialist Europe the State does. It’s a done deal.”

There is a growing perception that the political establishment in Washington is a self-serving, special interest clique that looks after its own before any other concern.

Legislation is designed to award its authors first before anyone else — all paid for by tax money. The budget deficit in 2009 quadrupled that of 2008.

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