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Missed Fortune – How to Relieve Persistent Financial Pain

Posted on | March 18, 2012

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Alleviating Persistent Financial Pains

It’s not just the Baby Boomers who need help taking ownership of their financial future.  Whether you’re already wealthy or simply trying to sock away a few hundred dollars a month toward a brighter financial future, each of us can benefit from the right kind of financial knowledge.

For instance, most of the people who lay awake at night worrying about that future are the very same folks who still believe that the best way to save is in an IRA or 401(k).

The truth is, there are far better ways to build up your retirement fund than using one of these tax-deferred accounts.  A tax-free vehicle is a wiser choice, especially when considering the Congressional Budget Office’s prediction of taxes going higher in the near future.

Other things that cause pain and concern for our financial futures include a higher inflation rate and continuing market uncertainty.

If these have been concerns for you, it’s time to ask yourself: What have you been doing about it?

Putting your head in the sand is not an option.  The only way to alleviate the pains that are troubling you, is to learn the information that allows you to mitigate the problems associated with higher taxes, inflation and market uncertainty.

One resource that has helped many people make the meaningful transition from a “broke Boomer” to a “blazing bloomer” is Doug Andrew’s New York Times bestselling book “Last Chance Millionaire.”

In 14 enlightening chapters, “Last Chance Millionaire” will teach you how to remove the obstacles to your future financial well-being.

For example, Chapter two will teach you the top 10 Baby Boomer blunders that, once corrected, can enable you to earn 50 to 100 percent more for your retirement than any IRA or 401(k) can provide due to their tax-deferred status.  You’ll learn how you can get out of debt more quickly.  Hint: it doesn’t involve sending extra payments to the mortgage company.

Chapter three will teach you how to take ownership of your retirement instead of waiting for the U.S. government to take care of you.  Social Security should be the bonus and not the basis of your retirement income.

Chapter four will help you understand the three marvels of wealth accumulation:

  • Compound interest
  • Tax-free savings
  • Safe positive leverage

Chapters six, seven and eight will give you new insights on real estate and how to use it to your advantage.  Chapter nine shows you how to sprint toward retirement using tax-smart alternatives including the strategic rollout that moves your serious money from an IRA or 401(k) to where it can accumulate tax-free.

Chapters ten, eleven and twelve give you insight into how to choose investments that pass the Liquidity, Safety, and Rate of return test.  It’s a scorecard for stocks, bonds, annuities, maximum-funded insurance contracts, etc., that will help you choose those that offer the greatest advantages and lowest risks.

It’s stunning how many financial advisors; CPAs, and tax attorneys don’t yet understand most of these principles.

“Last Chance Millionaire” will also introduce you to strategies that will teach you how to liberate your self from the IRA and 401(k) trap with no tax consequences.  No one wants to consider the consequences of outliving their retirement money, but many will because of what they don’t know.  With the information contained in this book, it doesn’t have to be you.

The bottom line is, you don’t have to keep dealing with the pain and uncertainty that many people are feeling about their financial futures.   You just need the know-how to always maintain liquid assets, safely earning returns.

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*Life insurance policies are not investments and, accordingly, should not be purchased as an investment

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