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Missed Fortune – Creating a Heritage of Abundance

Posted on | September 30, 2013

Abundance Can Last for Generations

The abundant life has never been solely about money. It also includes setting personal goals, achieving them, and successfully reaching the future we’ve planned and worked for.  It can also include leaving a heritage to our descendants that imparts to them the lessons they’ll need in order to live abundant lives as well.

Creating that heritage can take place in many different ways. But it always starts and ends with family.

This year, 8 of Doug’s grandchildren over the age of 4 got to experience Grandpa’s Camp; a 2 day event held at a mountain location.trans Missed Fortune   Creating a Heritage of Abundance

At Grandpa’s camp, the grandchildren took part in treasure hunts, archery, meals, and thoughtful talk around the campfire. They were encouraged to discuss their talents and abilities. They learned where their passion resides. They discussed how money works and explained it at a level that each child could comprehend.

Most importantly, they explored their connections to their heritage.

The children each brought a small photo album depicting 3 generations of family and introduced their ancestors to the other children. There were presentations on diet and exercise as well as serving others as part of living a full and abundant life.

The event was a smashing success. So much so that it is now an annual Andrew’s family tradition that will build bonds well into the future.

Can you see how an abundant life encompasses so much more than just money?

It’s about enjoying the journey while developing our character, raising a family, giving meaningful service to others and becoming self-sufficient. This requires consciously training the mind and body, having a vision of where we want to be, and considering what must happen to get us there.

Proper Balance Is the Key

When people begin to optimize their efforts toward building a better future, they quickly learn that their wealth consists of more than simply money.

It means having all the essential areas of our lives in balance. This includes our health, our spirituality, our family, and our finances. When we leave this type of legacy to our children and grandchildren, we hand down knowledge and wisdom along with everything else they inherit.

If we have done our part, they should understand that the rules and strategies that worked for us, will also work for them if they are followed. This is like being able to give your descendants, not just Phil Mickelson’s golf clubs, but his actual golf swing. Knowing what to do is far more powerful than simply having the resources to do something.

People who use the Missed Fortune strategies learn to apply proven methods for accumulating money tax-free. They don’t fear inflation because they know how to link their returns to the things that inflate. This way inflation actually benefits them.

They understand how to index their serious money to the market, but not put it at risk directly in the market. That way, when the market declines, they don’t lose their principal. On the other hand, when the market grows, they are immediately enjoying the benefit of that growth.

These strategies not only help us reach our goals, they also provide a great learning opportunity for our families so they too can benefit from this knowledge.

Get started by visiting with a wealth architect today.

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*Life insurance policies are not investments and, accordingly, should not be purchased as an investment

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