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Missed Fortune – Creating Predictability Not Randomness

Posted on | February 3, 2014

Randomness Is Not Your Friend

Would you rather have a life of predictability or a life of randomness?

Let’s try a simple math exercise. Pick any number between one and ten. Now take that number and double it. Next add eight to that number. Now divide that number in half.

What number do you have now? Next, you’ll need to subtract the original number you began with from this latest number. You should now have a final number in your head.

Take that number and pick the corresponding letter from alphabet that number represents. For instance, if your last number was “1”, the letter would be “A” or if the number was “2” the letter would be “B” and so on.

What is your letter of the alphabet? Think of it and using that letter, pick a country in Europe or the Baltics whose name starts with that letter.

Now take the last letter in that country’s name and think of a zoo animal whose name starts with that letter. Now take the last letter of the zoo animal’s name and pick a common fruit that begins with that letter.

At this point you should have a country, a zoo animal, and a common fruit.

Roughly 80% of the people who perform this exercise will end up with a combination of “Denmark”, “Kangaroo”, and “Orange.” Or they might be thinking “Denmark”, “Koala”, and “Apple.”

Why do so many people arrive at such similar conclusions? It’s a matter of predictability.

The real value of predictability can be felt when we apply it, not to a math exercise, but to our financial planning. This particular life path is too important to leave to chance or to lazy math. It deserves a better approach than random choices or simply following the herd.

Abundant living is much easier to attain when we create predictability.

The Right Systems Produce Predictability

One way to create predictability is to have the right systems in place so that no matter what unforeseen circumstances arrive, our financial goals stay on course. The word “system” itself can represent an acronym that stands for Save Your Self Time Energy and Money.

One of the best things about having predictability in our financial planning is that we can obtain the best and highest results with the least amount of effort. When this is done consistently and with optimal information, you can enjoy abundant living.

There are other ways to illustrate the value of predictability. For instance, when you put wood in the fire, you know that you’ll get so many BTUs of heat back.

The renowned efficiency expert Dr. Edwards Deming taught that management of anything in life can be summed up in one that word: “predictability.”

If we precisely follow a particular recipe for a batch of cinnamon rolls, 80-90% of the time we can expect the predictable result of a perfect batch.

Abundant living requires that we follow a precise recipe for financial success.

Most of us would agree that predictability is a good thing when it comes to our finances, our money, even with raising our children to become responsible adults.

Truth be told, predictability can prove helpful in every area of our lives. This is something understood by every thriver or accumulator of wealth. In this respect, wealth is about far more than simply money. It includes every aspect of a balanced, active, and happy life.

If you recognize the need for creating greater predictability in your own life, there’s never been a better time to start understanding the knowledge and systems that can make this a reality.

This involves applying proven principles that will allow each of us to reach our optimal destination.

Having the right systems in place will allow us to enjoy Liquid Assets Safely Earning predictable Rates of return. This will be more important than ever considering the challenges of the approaching triple whammy of higher taxes, rising inflation, and continuing market volatility.

Those who have created predictability will be much happier than those who have settled for randomness.

Get started by visiting with a wealth architect today.

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*Life insurance policies are not investments and, accordingly, should not be purchased as an investment

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