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Missed Fortune – Dream Solution to a Six Trillion Dollar Problem

Posted on | August 19, 2012

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The Challenge We All Face

A few years ago, David Walker resigned as the comptroller of the General Accountability Office (GAO) because he wasn’t allowed to speak plainly about the national debt.

Now that he’s free to speak his mind, Walker recently stated that our leaders are failing at their most fundamental task: controlling federal spending. He said that although many voters see the debt as an esoteric policy issue, the issue really hits home when we consider how it affects people individually through the economy and our jobs.

Walker also pointed out that this national debt sinkhole is getting deeper by $10 million every single minute, due largely, to unfunded promises. He noted that the numbers alone are appalling, but the thought of passing that debt to our grandchildren is beyond outrage.

Just five years ago, every taxpayer in America would have had to write a check for $92,000 in order to pay off the national debt. Today, that check would be more like $160,000. In only five years, an additional $70,000 has been “borrowed” from every U.S. taxpayer. If we aren’t the ones to pay off this debt, then our children and grandchildren will have to take on that burden.

Can you imagine the chaos that would result if the federal government were to start changing and then announcing quarterly how many minutes are in an hour? The way that the national debt is being handled is creating chaos as well. Out of control spending coupled with manipulation of the money supply to try to artificially hold down inflation is creating immense uncertainty and volatility in the markets.

That no matter who gets elected president, we have some serious issues to address thanks to the hole that we’ve dug ourselves. You need to be protecting your money from higher taxes, rising inflation and continuing market uncertainty.

The Dream Solution Most Financial Advisors Never Learned

If we keep doing the same thing over and over, we’ll never get a different result. Take, for instance, the people who put their money at risk in the market by saving in IRAs and 401(k)s, only to see the value of their nest eggs drop by nearly 40% twice in the last decade.

Or the investors with money in mutual funds who, according to DALBAR, only saw an average rate of return of 3.49% over the past 20 years. Doing thing the same way over and over has most of those investors barely breaking even, if at all.

Many financial advisors are telling their clients that they’d better not plan on withdrawing more than 4-5% a year from their retirement funds or they run the risk of depleting their nest egg too early.

On the other hand, investors who followed the LASER strategies that Doug Andrews has taught his clients for many years, not only kept their money, but many doubled it during the worst decade since the Great Depression.

They did it with Liquid Assets Safely Earning a predictable Rate of return.

They saw their money safely grow, protected from market volatility, at a rate that outpaced the rate of inflation. And best of all, their money accumulated tax-free and will remain tax-free as they access it and eventually when it is transferred to their heirs at the end of their lives.

They beat the combined dangers of taxes, inflation, market volatility and economic uncertainty. They utilized proven strategies that most financial advisors don’t teach because they don’t know what they don’t know.

These clients won’t be worrying about outliving their retirement money because they’ve taken ownership of their future. The economic problems associated with out of control spending and the growing national debt pose a danger to all of us. But those who learn and utilize the Missed Fortune strategies have a real solution at their disposal.

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*Life insurance policies are not investments and, accordingly, should not be purchased as an investment

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