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Missed Fortune – You Do Have a Say In What the Future Holds

Posted on | December 2, 2012

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What Will the Next 4 Years Bring?

As the end of the year approaches, many of us are looking ahead and pondering what the future will hold. This question is especially relevant now that the election cycle has run its course and no dramatic change in direction seems imminent.

From this vantage point, America appears headed for another 4 years of slow or no economic growth. The chance of a double-dip recession also remains high thanks to continued growth of the national debt due to years of unchecked spending on the part of government.

Over the past four years, more and more tax consumers have piled into the government benefits wagon and that has placed a heavier burden on the producers who are pulling that wagon. This necessitates higher taxes to support the increased spending required for the growing dependent class.

Balancing the federal budget also remains highly unlikely. This is because in spite of the nearly $2.5 trillion in tax revenue the IRS collects each year, that amount covers only the interest on the $16 trillion national debt and the entitlement payments to Medicare and Social Security recipients. This means the government will be borrowing the remaining $1.3 trillion required to fund the operation of our federal government.

Even with the proposed tax hikes that are on the horizon, more money is still going out than is being taken in making it an unsustainable situation.

Some politicians believe that our nation is just one more tax increase away from prosperity, but reality says otherwise. Job providers that were planning on investing in their businesses and hiring new people will most likely stay hunkered down instead of being punished for their success.

Money that could have been put to more productive uses will instead be used to pay their higher taxes. So unemployment is expected to remain high for the near future as well. Inflation may also play a role in how the economy responds since the rate of inflation has been artificially kept low while at the same time a huge amount of money has been created to pay for government entitlements. This results in less, not more, economic certainty.

This is not about taking a gloomy view of our national economic situation. It’s about becoming empowered to protect yourself and the money you’re setting aside for your future. It’s a matter of becoming educated about very specific strategies that have provided proven solutions for decades.

Finding Your Vision of a Better Future

The most important question to be asking as you contemplate the next four years is: what has to have happened, especially from a financial standpoint, as well as in other areas of your live for you to be happy with the progress you’ve made?

Will you have incorporated the right strategies to give you a vision for a brighter future?

Now is the perfect time to implement decades-old, proven strategies that allow you to thrive in the face of rising taxes and inflation and the jittery market.

An appropriate acronym for the challenges we face can be described as TIME. This stands for:

  • Taxes
  • Inflation
  • Market volatility
  • Economic uncertainty

TIME is also the title of Doug Andrew’s soon-to-be-released book that teaches you the dream solution to eliminate these dangers. Learn how to take charge of your own future instead of waiting for the government to take care of you in your golden years.

Discover how to become immune to dramatically increasing taxes and how to protect yourself against the ravages of inflation as it shrinks the purchasing power of the dollar. More importantly, discover how to protect yourself against the continuing market volatility that lies ahead.

People who are expecting the government to provide their future security have good reason to be uncertain. On the other hand, those who are willing to take ownership can enjoy the calmness and the assurance of a brighter future.

There are very specific action steps that must be taken. You’ve got to get in motion sooner than later. If you keep doing the same things you’ve always done, it is a certainty that you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten.

Take that decisive first step toward your brighter future by visiting with a Missed Fortune advisor today.


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