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Posted on | August 19, 2013

Creating a Family Tradition

It’s one thing to set goals, to achieve them, and to successfully reach the brighter future we’ve planned and worked towards. But once we’re there, what comes next?  How about leaving a legacy that allows us to transfer to our descendants, not just physical wealth, but also the lessons they’ll need to know to live abundant lives as well?

This year, 8 of Doug’s grandchildren over the age of 4 got to experience Grandpa’s Camp; a 2 day event held at a mountain location.

At Grandpa’s camp, the grandchildren enjoyed treasure hunts, archery, meals, and thoughtful talk around the campfire. During the event, the grandkids were encouraged to discuss their talents and abilities. They learned how to find out where their passion resides. They discussed how money works and explained it at a level that each child could comprehend.

They also explored their connections to their heritage.

The children each brought a small photo album depicting 3 generations of family and introduced their ancestors to the other children. There were presentations on diet and exercise as well as serving others as part of living a full and abundant life. One of the highlights of this year’s Grandpa’s camp was a thrilling ride on a 140 foot zip-line.

The event was a smashing success. So much so that this will now become an annual Andrew’s family tradition that will build bonds that become part of a family legacy.

Can you see how an abundant life is about so much more than just money?

It’s about enjoying the journey while developing our character, raising a family, giving meaningful service to others and becoming self-sufficient. It requires consciously training the mind and body, having a vision of where we want to be, and considering what must take place to get us there.

Hope For the Baby Boomers

When Doug’s book “Last Chance Millionaire” was released in 2007, there were 78 million Baby Boomers. At that time, the average Baby Boomer only had about $55,000 dollars earmarked for their retirement nest egg. Many of these Boomers had assets but they were doing the wrong things when it came to saving for the future.

This is not a reason to despair, however. One of Doug’s greatest joys is being able to take people starting where they are right now, and helping them achieve the brighter future they seek without having to lay out more money than they currently are saving.

In the book, Doug shares four different case studies where he worked with couples who were in real danger of outliving their retirement savings. In roughly 10 years, they were able to generate an additional million dollars for their retirement nest egg.

Best of all, these couples were able to safely and predictably do this with their existing assets and without increasing their outlay by one dime. That extra million dollars of savings can generate an extra $80,000-$100,000 each year of tax-free income without depleting principal.

It’s about helping people see opportunities that they did not see before and helping them break the habit of doing what they’ve always done so they can experience different results than what they’ve always been getting.

As we approach retirement, it’s sometimes necessary to reinvent ourselves. This means seeing the bigger picture which includes abundant living rather than simply focusing on money alone.

If you’d like to learn how to put the Missed Fortune strategies for abundant living to work in your life, visit with a wealth architect today.



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*Life insurance policies are not investments and, accordingly, should not be purchased as an investment

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