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Missed Fortune – Some Things Shouldn’t Be Left to Chance

Posted on | February 17, 2014

Which Life Would You Choose?

Would you rather have a life of predictability or a life of randomness?

When we examine the lives of those who are high achievers, it becomes very clear that they have not left their most important life paths to chance. Instead, they’ve applied the advice of renowned efficiency expert Dr. Edwards Deming.

As the man who helped Japan become a manufacturing colossus, Dr. Deming taught that successful management of anything in life can be summed up in a single word: “predictability.”

It’s a principle that can be used in virtually any area of life. For instance if we precisely follow a particular recipe for a batch of cinnamon rolls, 80-90% of the time we can expect the predictable result of a perfect batch.

Yet another way to illustrate the value of predictability is when putting wood on a fire, we can accurately predict that we’ll get so many BTUs of heat in return.

When we recognize the need for creating greater predictability in our own lives, we can begin to understand the knowledge and systems to make it a reality.

The real value of predictability can be felt when we apply it to our financial planning. This particular life path is too important to leave to chance or to lazy math. It deserves a better approach than simply following the herd.

Abundant living is easier to achieve when we first create predictability.

Getting the Right Systems In Place

To keep our financial goals on course, we must first have the right systems in place. That way, no matter what unforeseen circumstances may arise, our financial goals don’t get sidetracked.

The word “system” itself represents an acronym standing for:

  • Save
  • Your
  • Self
  • Time
  • Energy
  • Money

That’s easier to do when we are following the right recipe.

One of the best things that happens when we have created predictability in our financial planning is that we are able to obtain the best results with the least amount of effort. But this must be done consistently and with optimal information if we are to reach our goal of abundance.

Predictability is a good thing when it comes to our finances, our money, even with how we raise our children to become responsible adults.

Truth be told, predictability proves useful in virtually every area of our lives. This is something that is clearly understood by every achiever or accumulator of wealth. Of course, wealth is about much more than just money. True wealth and abundance includes every aspect of a life that is active, balanced, and fulfilling.

This requires applying proven principles that allow us to reach our ideal destination.

By having the right systems in place, we become free to enjoy the peace of mind that accompanies Liquid Assets Safely Earning predictable Rates of return.

With the future prospects of higher taxes, rising inflation, and continuing economic and market volatility, this will soon be more important than ever. The triple whammy of taxes, inflation, and market unrest will take a toll on those who have left things to chance.

On the other hand, the people who have followed the proven recipes for creating predictability will be much happier than those who have settled for randomness.

Get started by visiting with a wealth architect today.

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*Life insurance policies are not investments and, accordingly, should not be purchased as an investment

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