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Missed Fortune – How To Make Real Progress In the Coming Year

Posted on | January 6, 2014

Exponential Growth is Where Greatness Happens

With each new year comes new opportunities.  This includes the potential to make exponential gains in our lives. The difference between linear and exponential growth can be illustrated by imagining ourselves taking a journey.

With a linear approach, if we take 20 steps that’s exactly how far we will will have traveled–just 20 steps. But if we double the number of steps we take for 20 times, we’ll actually have traveled 1,048,000 steps.

Achieving this type of growth doesn’t just happen, it requires serious evaluation and planning.Entrepreneurial coach Dan Sullivan teaches a method known as the DOS Exercise. It requires evaluating 10 essential areas of our lives and then picking a point in time in the near future and asking ourselves, “What must have happened in those 10 specific areas of our life during that time to make us satisfied with our progress?”

The exercise focuses primarily on relationships and it works for us at any age or stage of life.

The SMART method is a powerful tool for helping us pinpoint the right goals. The acronym SMART stands for goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and set forth in a particular Time frame.

For instance, the first relationship we evaluate is our relationship with Deity. In this case, we would write down what we want to see happen in our relationship with our Higher Power.

The second relationship involves examining what needs to happen in connection with our spouse, if we’re married, or with the relationship with one’s parents if  a child.

Next, we examine the relationship we enjoy with our children or for those without children they can examine the relationship they have with their siblings.

The next relationship is the one we enjoy with extended family.  For children, this would be the relationship they have with their friends.

Next comes our physical well-being and what must happen for us to be satisfied with our physical health. These are specific goals that address things like weight, exercise habits, body mass index, etc., and how we’d like to be at the end of the year.

The financial category comes next. This requires examining our self-reliance and ability to take care of ourselves. How prepared are we in terms of savings or food storage in the event of some unexpected crisis?

Our mental or intellectual well-being is the seventh category we evaluate. Here’s where we spell out what we hope to have learned in the coming year.

The eighth relationship is business. This includes how we earn a living whether through owning a business or working a job. For youth, this category would include their schoolwork and educational goals.

We also would evaluate what we are doing in the way of higher service. This could include participating in church or civic organizations.

The final relationship we evaluate is the one that focuses on how we are giving back to society through volunteer work and community service.

Identifying Our Unique Dangers and Opportunities

Once we’ve listed our goals for the coming year, it’s time to identify the most likely dangers, obstacles, and roadblocks we could encounter. When we have clearly identified them, it’s time to list specific ways we can remove or avoid those barriers.

It’s also very important that we list out the opportunities that we’ll need to seize and clearly identify the specific strengths or resources within our reach.

We may need to hire personal trainer to help us with our physical goals. Financially, it could involve saving for the future or even refinancing our home at the best rate possible. We can list ways to make family vacations and gatherings more meaningful.

Doing this exercise has a dramatic impact on our likelihood of success. It raises the chances of achieving our goals from 55% all the way up to 99%.  This is the undeniable benefit of eliminating the greatest dangers, seizing the greatest opportunities, and harnessing the greatest strengths.

Done regularly, we create the optimal climate for exponential growth rather than just linear growth.

If you’re ready to get started on your brighter future, visit with a wealth architect today.

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