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Missed Fortune – The Negative Experience Transformer – Step 3 of 7

Posted on | January 5, 2009

A 7-Step Unique Process to Transform Disappointing Experiences into New Opportunities

Step 3: Deal with Crisis by Exercising Faith…Deadlines with Hope…and Insults with Charity

Throughout our lives, every one of us experiences crisis in varying degrees, deadlines that seem to loom over us, and insults that come to us both intended and unintended.

What are some of the emotions that accompany crisis, deadlines and insults? These can range from stress and fear to anxiety and panic.

We can also feel hopeless, angry, offended, retaliatory, revengeful, and defensive. These negative emotions can lead us into a downward spiral that is hard to recover from.

I’ve found a solution for these challenges in three simple words that have been taught in the “good book” (the Bible) for millennia: faith, hope and charity.

FACE CRISIS WITH FAITH – First, we can get through any crisis in life if we exercise faith. Whenever I am fearful, I take it as a sign that I am not exercising enough faith.

Since the emotions of faith and fear cannot occupy the human heart simultaneously, when we’ve got faith, fear is dispelled. And we can deal even better with a crisis when we couple faith with good works (because the Bible teaches us that faith without works is dead).

In other words, get in motion and add some value to the world.

MEET DEADLINES WITH HOPE – We can meet any deadline head-on if we look forward to it with hope.

Because I am a writer, speaker, and radio show host, my life is full of deadlines. Even though I am naturally a procrastinator, I know that I perform best and with the most creativity when I’m in the eleventh hour.

I have learned to view “deadlines” more as “lifelines”—a new beginning. With hope in my heart, I look at deadlines and say to myself, “I can’t wait until that date because I will have my project completed and all kinds of new opportunities will begin to emerge once it is done.”

I then feel relieved and energized.

RESPOND TO INSULTS WITH CHARITY – I have found the best way to handle insults we might encounter in life is with compassion and charity. If someone insults me, I assure myself, “If they really understood why I did that—if they were in my shoes—they would never have said that.”

It might help us all to remember something I read a few years ago at a funeral for a dear friend who had passed on. On the memorial program was printed, “She was never offended, because she never took offense.”

May we be more cognizant of the power of using faith, hope and charity to deal with life’s crises, deadlines and insults.

Doug Andrew

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*Life insurance policies are not investments and, accordingly, should not be purchased as an investment

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