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Missed Fortune – The Negative Experience Transformer – Step 4 of 7

Posted on | January 21, 2009

A 7-Step Unique Process to Transform Disappointing Experiences into New Opportunities

Step 4: Ask: “Why are people feeling confused, isolated and powerless……How can I give them new direction, confidence and capability?”

Dan Sullivan, a good friend and mentor, reads about seven newspapers a day and several magazines. He has observed that all over the world — in the social, technological, economic, political, scientific, and cultural arenas — people are feeling confused, isolated and powerless.

I’m sure there are times when we’ve all felt like this. Whether it’s major illness, financial struggles, failed relationships, changes in career — life can be overwhelming. In moments like these it’s important to realize we’re not alone; we can look to each other for examples of how to overcome setbacks.

Even more, our challenges can actually become great assets to us and others.

When we look at the four quadrants of True Wealth assets, “experiential assets” are those intangible possessions that typically die when we do. The best way to capitalize assets like these is to share them so they increase in value and go on to have a life of their own.

As you may know, my wife, Sharee, and I lost our income in 1982 for nine months and subsequently lost our beautiful house in foreclosure. We learned from that bad experience that our home equity was not liquid or safe, nor did it earn a rate of return while trapped in the property.

We asked ourselves, “Why do people feel confused, isolated and powerless who find themselves in similar circumstances? How can we give them new direction, confidence and capability now that we have experienced a home foreclosure firsthand?”

Long story short: I developed a system to help people maintain liquidity, safety of principal, and earn a rate of return on home equity.

My team and I have taught seminars and developed equity management plans for our clients.

Finally, I’ve written a book about the fortunes people miss out on when they don’t understand these principles. Then I was motivated to write a second, third and fourth book on the topic.

After half a million books in print, I’m now working on my fifth book to help others avoid feeling confused, isolated and powerless about finances. We have been richly blessed as we have helped countless other Americans avoid the same mistake we made.

May we have the ability to “get out of ourselves” and focus on how we can help others, capitalizing on the asset of our wisdom gained through negative experiences. We can clear up confusion, isolation and powerlessness, allowing others to gain direction, confidence and capability.

I have found what the motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar, always said, to be true, “Help enough other people get what they want, and you’ll get everything in life that you want.”

Doug Andrew

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*Life insurance policies are not investments and, accordingly, should not be purchased as an investment

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