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Missed Fortune – Nobel Prize Promotes Global Socialism

Posted on | March 21, 2010

The Underlying Motives of the Nobel Prize Committee

People across the world were befuddled when Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize last December. This was especially true since just before being awarded the prize, Obama escalated American troops in Afghanistan.

But the confusion is quickly made clear when we understand that the Nobel Prize Committee, and particularly chairman Thorbjørn Jagland, promotes global socialism.

In an article entitled Nobel Prize: Marxism Goes Mainstream in American Thinker, Stuart Schwartz says:

“Jagland loves Karl Marx. And he loves Barack Obama. In addition to heading the Nobel committee and the European Council, Jagland is a long-time leader of Socialist International, a worldwide organization of radical left groups and the occasional terrorist organization dedicated to establishing a world government that will rule through Marxist, collectivist principles. Its icons include Marx, Chairman Mao…and Castro.

“The major American affiliate of Jagland’s organization is Democratic Socialists of America (DSA)…Jagland sees a kindred spirit in an American president who has pledged a socialist blueprint to ‘transform America’…

Obama himself admitted he didn’t deserve the Nobel prize. But in socialist utopianism, recognition has nothing to do with actual achievement, nor does it have anything to do with logical consistency.

And the socialistic agenda which we’re bombarded with from political elites erodes your savings, causes inflation, and takes your freedoms.

More Foreclosures Ahead

Speaking of dangers to your personal finances due to the actions of so-called “leaders,” we can expect many more home foreclosures in the coming months.

The Los Angeles Times reported:

“Experts fear that a new wave of foreclosures will hit this year as prolonged unemployment makes it difficult for millions of homeowners to pay their mortgages — and many of them aren’t likely to get much help from a federal program aimed at keeping them in their houses.”

The New York Times reported:

“More than five million households are behind on their mortgages and risk foreclosure. The government’s $75 billion mortgage modification plan has helped only a small slice of them. Consumer advocates, economists and even some banking industry representatives say much more needs to be done.”

Many families facing foreclosure didn’t know successful equity optimization strategies that could have helped save them from foreclosure.

Do you know the best way to protect yourself from foreclosure is NOT necessarily to pay off your mortgage as quickly as possible?

Do you know how to take the idle equity in your home and put it to work so it can be safe, liquid and earn a rate of return?

Do you know how this could protect you in economic downturns?

Find out more, and find out now, so you can avoid future regrets.

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