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Missed Fortune – The Power of OPM: How to Leverage Debt Safely & Wisely

Posted on | January 10, 2010

Investors Losing Big with Small Returns

The New York Times recently published an article entitled “At Tiny Rates, Saving Money Costs Investors,” which reports that “millions of Americans are paying a high price for a safe place to put their money: extremely low interest rates on savings accounts and certificates of deposit.”

This is particularly detrimental to the elderly and others on fixed incomes. As the article reports:

“Indeed, after fees are subtracted, inflation is accounted for and taxes are paid, many investors in C.D.’s, government bonds and savings and money market accounts are losing money.”

Of course, the traditional financial services industry will tell you that people need to take higher risks to get better returns.

As the article states, “People who rely on income from such investments for support, however, are being forced to consider new options.”

Unfortunately, most of the options people are considering are misguided and damaging.

Missed Fortune, however, provides the best option: Maximum-funded, tax-advantaged life insurance contracts which provide liquidity, guarantee safety of principle, while still producing a healthy rate of return that outpaces inflation.

Furthermore, with the right equity management strategies many elderly and Baby Boomers can discover financial security with their existing assets.

The Power of Equity Management

While people scramble to recover from the recession and explore new ways to build their retirement funds, many of them are sitting on the answer, but are completely unaware.

That answer is home equity.

Before the recession there was $19 trillion dollars of residential real estate, with about $10 trillion sitting as idle equity and no loans attached. After the recession that dropped to about $17 trillion, with at least $8 trillion unencumbered.

About 60% of this total belongs to Baby Boomers, which represents $4.8 trillion in lazy, idle equity.

However, many people are fearful to leverage equity because they think it increases their risk. While this can be true in certain circumstances, Missed Fortune provides a way for you to decrease your risk by leveraging your equity.

It’s exactly how banks operate. If we could educate more Americans to do this we could turn the economy around without federal stimulus spending.

Register now for our next webinar to learn how to become your own bank and borrow to conserve, not consume. You’ll learn how to safely leverage your home equity, maintain liquidity, and increase your rates of return.

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*Life insurance policies are not investments and, accordingly, should not be purchased as an investment

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One Response to “Missed Fortune – The Power of OPM: How to Leverage Debt Safely & Wisely”

  1. Rita
    January 12th, 2010 @ 1:47 pm

    What is the method being recommended here? Use your home equity to buy annuities? Is that wise, especially in these troubled economic times?

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