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Missed Fortune – Where Can I Put My Money Where I Won’t Lose, But Still Enjoy a Good Rate of Return?

Posted on | January 28, 2010

Traditional financial planning usually offers investors two choices: 1) guarantees with little upside potential, or 2) upside potential with no guarantees.

profitgraph 300x299 Missed Fortune   Where Can I Put My Money Where I Wont Lose, But Still Enjoy a Good Rate of Return?I prefer to invest my money in safe investment vehicles that have guarantees and allow me to participate in any upside potential.

In a post 9/11 and financial-collapse world, it’s better to use a proven strategy than trying to time the market with investments.

The indexing strategy that I use for my own money works in all markets, it does not require market timing (buying and selling), and it allows me to sleep at night.

Product-Picking & Market-Timing are Horrible Strategies

Most advisors recommend you pick specific products to invest in. Product-picking focuses on the extremes of safety or return, leaves you constantly second-guessing, and it has now been proven not to work.

Therefore, it’s wiser to employ a sound and proven strategy rather than trying to just pick specific products to invest in.

For years I have been recommending that people place their serious cash (such as money earmarked for retirement or their home equity) and keep it in investments that are liquid, safe, and earn a tax-free rate of return.

Only ONE Cash Accumulation Vehicle Offers These 3 Benefits

I choose to put my serious cash in maximum-funded, tax-advantaged (MFTA) life insurance contracts because they are the only investment vehicles that, when properly structured and funded, allow an investor to:

  1. 1Accumulate money safely, tax-free
  2. Withdraw the money later tax-free
  3. Transfer money income-tax free at death.

This is allowed under Sections 72e, 7702 and 101 of the Internal Revenue Code as I teach in my books.

Indexing: Get the Gains with No Losses

For the last 12 years, I have used a strategy called “indexing.” With this, your principal is protected and you don’t lose when the market goes down.

When the market goes up, you are credited whatever the index of your choice earns (like the S&P 500 Index)—up to a cap—without your money actually at risk in the market. Based on what the S&P 500 actually did the last 25-30 years, an average annual crediting rate of 7-8 percent could have been realized.

Some investors who had $100,000 in the S&P 500 during the last 10 years saw their money grow, but then dissipate to $68,000 as of April of 2009.

Had they used indexing, they could have had an account value of $178,000.

With indexing, during a period wherein you experience a gain, that gain is locked in and the point at which you will be credited the growth for the next period is reset. This “lock-in and reset” strategy is what protects you from losses when the market goes down and also allows you to participate immediately in any upside potential when the market starts to head back up—substantially reducing risk.

Proper use of such indexing strategies can help you safely regain what you may have lost and protect yourself so that you never lose again.

Take Action Now

Right now we are seeing upward trends in the market, and a recovery of the financial system. Inventory depletion is also resulting in growth in the economy. But employment will continue to rise, housing prices will likely remain stable, and inflation is around the corner.

But I implore people not to wait for unemployment to rebound before taking action.

Using indexing strategies, many smart and safe savers may have experienced only a 1 percent gain on their money in 2008, but they have already experienced a 12-16 percent gain just last year.

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*Life insurance policies are not investments and, accordingly, should not be purchased as an investment

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