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My REMEMBER WHEN, a taste of our call Thursday!

Posted on | December 5, 2008

Thursday we will be sharing a very special presentation with you about something we do regularly as a family.

I was lucky enough to marry into the Andrew family and be a part of “Family Retreats with a Purpose.” And next week we will give you a taste of that so you can duplicate it with your family as you gather together this Christmas Season! One of our favorite parts is sharing our “I Remember When” experiences. Before each trip we all have the responsibility to write down three things we remember most within the family. Here is a sample of one I wrote down a few years ago as we gathered in Hawaii, even now I laugh as I read it. Please enjoy and I encourage you all to do something similar in just a few short weeks! Reserve your Webinar seat now at: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/454828174

I remember when I first experienced the Andrew Family Christmas tree extravaganza. Most families that I know dig out a few boxes from the basement and take the sheet off of the Christmas Tree. Not the Andrew family! Putting the tree in its place is a full 42-step process.

By the time most families are done decorating the tree, putting up a garland and hanging up a few wall decorations the Andrew family would still be debating the best angle to get the oversized tree out of the coat closet, a closet which normally would be a prime piece of property in most homes. But since the tree is to fragile to even sneeze around it must only be moved a short distance, thus making a prime closet’s life reduced to only being opened twice a year. After the tree’s angle has been agreed upon, by way of default, six to eight people gather round as if to perform surgery. One person crawls under the tree like a car service repairman.  Two others grab the tree in various grips and locations, making sure that they grab a spot that will not fall apart on them as the tree is relocated. Yet another person is assigned the task, or better yet promoted to “Chief Cloth Scooter.” His objective is to make sure that the over weight tree doesn’t scoot off of the cloth that it has been stored on, preventing any scratches on the wood floor. The other one to three people are in charge of catching the miscellaneous animals, heads and other body parts that fling off the tree as it is literally ripped from the closet. The last person in this laborious tree removal is not just any generic person. This person has to be MaMa Andew! It is essential that MaMa Andrew be involved because no one can shout out phrases of paranoia like her. These phrases consist of “watch out,” “you’re gonna break…,” “slow down,” “my tree!” And she does this all while hopping around and flapping her arms. Once the tree finally pops out it is then quickly hefted over to the only spot it has ever known. At this spot it is then leveled with the right books so that its lopsidedness doesn’t make it tip over. Then “Voila” you’re done with the tree which is 5% of the whole Andrew Family Christmas experience.

Merry Remembering!!!

Scott Reynolds

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