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Missed Fortune – Don’t Pay Down Your Mortgage?

There are a lot of programs to help you pay down your mortgage more quickly than the loan terms specify. Unfortunately, most of these actually cost you money and time, rather than saving them. In contrast, Doug Andrew advises clients to keep their mortgage as high as possible. Why? For many reasons, including the following: […]

Missed Fortune – The Quickest, Smartest, & Safest Way to Get Out of Debt

The Best Way to Get Out of Debt Many financial “experts” teach people to pay off their homes as quickly as possible, often recommending a 15-year mortgage. Many programs exist for helping people pay extra mortgage principal. There’s a much smarter way to do this that will pay off your mortgage quicker and safer. It […]

Missed Fortune – What is an Indexing Strategy?

Cash for Clunkers Program. I’m all for better gas mileage and for more efficient cars, but  I really wonder what the ulterior motives for this program really are. One motive is to look as if the government is green.  Another motive is to stimulate the automotive industry. But some wonder why the government is investing […]

Missed Fortune – 3 Simple Test for Determining Wise Investing

  We want to welcome KSL1160 and 102.7 in Salt Lake City, Utah and KNEW Talk 910 in San Francisco, CA to Missed Fortune Radio. Economic booms and busts are as American as baseball and apple pie. In my experience, I believe we go through economic cycles every 8-12 years. During economic times like this […]

Missed Fortune – Liquidity, Safety, and Rate of Return

Let’s talk today about what you should be doing to take ownership of your future.  What are the three essential elements to any type of prudent investment? #1 Liquidity – Can I get my money back when I want it?  People get into trouble when they don’t have access to their own money. #2 Safety […]

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